Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hello everyone!

Well summer is almost here, hope you all had a great winter season. I'm just keeping you posted on what is happening with me right now, since the season is pretty much over now. Well I've been attending a few shows lately, three so far. One in Quebec city, Aurora and just finished a Markham show this past weekend. I have a few more coming up and in may I'm heading to Korea for a big show.
As for programs it seems I will be getting two new programs. The short program didn't get the feedback we wanted from the judges unfortunately. We are still searching for a new long program piece, I haven't found exactly what I wanted. Other exciting news is that I have now started practicing my quad toe again and have been going very well. I've been landing them quarter turn cheated and I've just started again so its just a matter of time I hope to get it clean. Last of all, I would like to thank those who have made some donations to help me along the way. I always believe that the fans are just as important as a skaters pair of skates. A lot of athletes would not be where they are without supporters such as you. So thanks fans! And I will speak to you all soon. Take care and enjoy the spring season!

Patrick Chan
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ai-ling said...

Thanks for updating, Patrick. I’m so glad to hear that you’re doing well. The news that you’ll attend a big show in Korea sounds exciting! I wish I could go there. Have a nice time!
Well, I loved your short program; I think it was so dramatic, but I’m looking forward to the new one. I hope that you will find what you really want for your program and succeed in quad jump practice.


vigiliae said...

Glad to see you have fun. And soooo happy to hear that you finally come to Korea!!! Now I can see you in my own eyes.. Oh, I cannot believe it:)

I really liked your short program as well as the Vivaldi program. But it's really exciting to see a skater (especially whom I like much) trying various styles and showing great moves in every work he done- just like you showed in the last season. I really eager to see your new works. Hope to find the best music for long program, and also wish you good luck with your 4T practice.
Have a nice day. Bye!

lclchow said...

Lots of news! Hopefully your fans in Korea will upload some clips onto youtube of you skating there. ^^

Jessie said...

It was really great to hear from you in Sweden that you're coming to Korea! All of your fans here are extremely thrilled to see you skate very soon.
Both of your programs were fantastic; they have very matured style and complex chreography(and superb execution of course!). Still, it's great for you to try new things, too. I'm so looking forward to see your new programs already. Oh and I really hope you will get the quad in the near future!

draw2001 said...

Welcome back!!

I hope your visit to Korea is an interestig trip.

lclchow said...

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share this fan-made video on youtube of the upcoming show in Korea -- Festa on Ice 2008 -- that Patrick will be performing in:

and here's the official website of the event:

Have fun in Korea, Patrick! :)

vigiliae said...
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vigiliae said...
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lclchow said...

Here's a video someone shot at the Festa 2008 event in Korea, can you spot Patrick?

Korean fans, please share your links if you know of any videos, thanks! ^^

cutie_panda said...

lclchow, I'm not Korean but I thought I'd still like to share some videos from Festa on Ice.

Video from the second show

Video from the third show

It may take some time for the video to load.

lclchow said...

Thanks so much cutie_panda! Kudos to you for finding those videos!

cutie_panda said...

Two more videos have been put on YouTube

Patrick - Yesterday

Patrick - Encore Turandot

vigiliae said...

I went to the sunday's FOI show and Patrick, you were soooo fantastic!! You might be very tired because of the long flight, so I hope you take enough rest and good luck with your practice.

Dear Patrick's Fan//
Thanks cutie_panda for finding the vids. I couldn't make any homevids, but I posted some FOI photos on my blog, including Patrick's.

lclchow said...
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lclchow said...

Thanks for the additional videos, cutie_panda! It looks like Patrick really enjoyed the event. :) So great that you went to support Patrick, vigiliae! Just wanted to share an interesting factoid... according to, Patrick's "Yesterday" exhibition number is a tribute to his former coach Mr Colson.