Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hi everyone!

Well I have just landed in Toronto from my trip to worlds in Sweden. Quite exhausted from the trip since it was a very long competition; I arrived on a friday and didn't compete until the following friday.
I have to say that the whole competition was very successful for Canada. One silver medal, one bronze and one gold! I was very happy for the whole team and we were a great team. At the closing banquet the ISU officials announced and congratulated skate canada because we were the team with the most success during the week! So I felt very proud and happy that I had the privilege to be part of such a great year and team.
I was very happy with my overall performance, though there are things that I wish I had done better. I was pleased with the way my short program went since I had to skate after Brian Joubert, which isn't always easy. As for my long, I made mistakes that really weren't necessary. So I was a bit more disappointed with the long program. I doubled my triple lutz, which is usually no problem for me when practicing the program. I fell on my second triple axel, which I told you about before I left for sweden. Finally I added a double toe to my triple salchow, which wasn't planned, and so that meant I added another combination. My second triple axel was still counted as a combination, even though I fell. Because I added the fourth combination, the jumps didn't count at all (triple salchow double toe). All in all I was still pleased with myself, and like I said before, these world championships were just a learning experience for the future.
I will be doing a few local shows right now, so I will be back at skating in a day or two. I will keep all of you informed in a few weeks, with shows that I will be doing and any new programs that I will be getting! It is likely that I will be getting a new long program, though I don't know what music yet. But Lori will once again choreographe the program. Anyways take good care of yourselves and thank you for visiting my website!

Patrick Chan
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vigiliae said...

You were great at the Worlds! I loved the quality of your jumps(esp. the first axel of the long program.. incredible!!!) and the steps and the movements you showed in both programs.
I hope you to get enough rest, and enjoy your shows! Hope to see you with my own eyes :D

Good luck with your next season!

sarah l. said...

welcome back to canada and congratulations on your performance! As a newcomer to the worlds you should be proud to have made it so high in the rank. as you said you might have made little mistakes but we all saw how you skated under pressure with such maturity and calm--this wasn't easy, as some more-experienced skaters have not skated so well under pressure and messed up their long program that night (like tomas verner...).

in any case congratulations again at the worlds :) and good luck with the new long program. by the way, any chance of you coming on the stars on ice tour?

ai-ling said...

Wow Patrick!
I’m glad for the beginning of road to your dream. Congratulations to you for making your worlds debut with great result (and congrats to Canadian team)! It was a really really good fight and you achieved your goal there...awesome! Gorgeous "The Four seasons" with a lot of new challenges, that’s just what I wanted to see, was really impressive. I was very happy to see it.

Now the season is almost over. Thank you for showing many wonderful performances to us whole the season. Please enjoy the shows you'll be skating and have a nice off-season. I’m looking forward to your next update.


draw2001 said...

Are you going to come to Korea? Are you sure?
That's interesting.
I saw the picture of you in Sweden! You are smiling.
Anyway, have a nice everyday!

cutie_panda said...

Congrats on doing such a great job at Worlds. I can't wait to see your new programs for next season and I look forward to reading more of your updates.

Take care

lclchow said...

Didn't know you spent an entire week over there! You did very well for a first showing -- many Worlds ahead, and two Olympics (as Mr Laws said). Don't put too much pressure on yourself. :) BTW I ran into Jeremy Ten in Vancouver.

lclchow said...

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let fellow fans know about the upcoming show that Patrick will be guest starring in: visit www.markhamskatingclub.com for all the info. It's from April 11-13. Go support Patrick and this great event!