Friday, February 29, 2008

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry I haven't wrote on the blog for quite a while, I've been quite busy running errands before I leave for the world championships.
Skating has been going well, been spending allot of time on both programs. Me and Lori have made changes to both the short and long program. In the long we have added the second triple axel, it hasn't been the easiest change. I realized that adding a triple axel isn't like adding any other triple, but it hasn't discouraged me. I continue to go threw my program and push myself to attempt the second triple axel, and hopefully it will slowly become more natural.
In the short program we have changed the order of my elements. The reason why is because I found it was quite difficult to do my last triple lutz after my death drop; my right leg began to fatigue which made my triple lutz a bit risky. So now my triple lutz is right after the circular footwork, the death drop is now the last spin. Anyways I will not spoil the program since you will all see it very soon.
I went to Florida last weekend to see my coach (Don Laws), I mainly went for an interview that the skating club organized. I was really happy to be there, especially because of the warm weather which Toronto is really missing. But I was especially happy to be there since I got to catch up with Don and really spend valuable time with him.
Don will be coming up to Toronto in about a week or so to look after me before we leave for Sweden. We are both going to leave from Toronto in about two weeks. I will update my blog when I arrive in Sweden as soon as I can. I look forward to writing to you all again. I would also like to say thank you very much to those who have written and responded on my website. I cannot express how much I appreciate seeing people visiting my website. I owe It all to the fans, you help keep figure skating alive! I hope to meet you all one day very soon. I wish you all the very best. Talk to you very soon.

Patrick Chan
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ai-ling said...

Thank you for updating though you have been busy. I'm glad to know that you are fine and have been spending valuable time.
Please take care of yourself and have a nice trip to Sweden. I wish you the best of luck!

Polgara59 said...

I hope your Worlds experience is everything you dream it to be!

Brigitta said...

Hi Patrick!
Good luck in Sweden and have fun! I'll be there and cheer for you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick!
It's always a pleasure to see your intricate footworks and powerful skating. Looking forward to see your big smile in Sweden!

draw2001 said...

Hi Patrick!
Thank you for updating!
You said that the training is not easy, but I believe that you can play well in a actual game.
I'm cheering for you!

I hope to meet you, too.

Good luck with your training!

cutie_panda said...
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sarah l. said...

I wish I could be there in Sweden to cheer for you! But I'll be with you in spirit :) Best of luck at the worlds and I know you'll make us Canadian fans proud~

--Sarah, your fan from Vancouver

lclchow said...

Best of luck Patrick! We'll be cheering you on!

Andrew said...
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Andrew said...
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draw2001 said...

I bet you can make it.
Good luck!

vigiliae said...

Hi,Patrick. Nnow you must be preparing your short program! I hope you to show the world as much as you can!
Go, Patrick! Good luck at the Worlds!

draw2001 said...

Your performance was so good.
Good luck tomorrow!

Vivienne Allen said...

Hi Patrick! I just wanted to let you know that I think you have a marvellous future ahead of you! I watched the short program at World's today. What a wonderful debut. Keep it up. One small beef! Work on your writing skills. As an English teacher it hurts me to see the mistakes. Sorry about that!

cutie_panda said...

Good luck in your long program tomorrow.

draw2001 said...

Good job, you did your best.
Don't miss!
Next year will do better.

Keep smiling!!

Pat C said...

Congratulations, you must be so pleased with your skating results at your first senior worlds. I thought they were pretty impressive. :)

Now, for next year, music.......

any thoughts? need ideas?