Thursday, February 7, 2008


Well my coach has come down from Florida to see me. It's been quite rough for the past couple of days, especially at the beginning of this week. Luckily I've slowly started to get back under myself and getting back into shape.
Now I have been seeing Lori (my choreographer) for the past couple days and we've been hard at work with both programs. In the short were looking through the program and making sure that were not leaving any points on the table because at worlds the short program will be essential.
In the long program we have added a second triple axel. Unfortunetly it doesn't seem as easy as it sounds; we can't just add another jump. One extra jump will change the whole program: the choreography, the elements and the timing of the whole program.
Keep in mind I always take allot of time to get familiar with changes. So you can imagine how frustrating it must of been for me at the beginning of all of this.
But fortunetly I worked on both programs over and over again until it really sunk in. And now that Don has arrived things should pick up the way it was before nationals.
Well once again thank you all for reading my blog and visiting my website. I will write on the blog to keep you updated on what I'm doing, in a couple of weeks. Talk to you soon!

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draw2001 said...
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draw2001 said...


I am a fan of yours living in korea. The last National Competition was wonderful. I know it's sort of late celerbrating now but I hope you'll be happy. Even though I live really far away and might not ever get to meet you. I will cheer you in all your matches and it would be nice if you could give me a big smile each time. I hope you will get a great score on March in Sweden.

Good luck!

Is my English right?
I can't speak English well..

ai-ling said...

Hello! Thank you for updating your blog!

I love both your programs and your axel jump. So I’m glad to hear you’ll make changes to them. If at first you don't succeed, just believe in yourself! We know that you always make every effort to do. I hope that all your efforts will surely bring something good for you.
Good luck with your training!

draw2001 said...
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draw2001 said...
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draw2001 said...

I'm writing from Korea. The Canadian team arrived here. Why aren't you taking part in the Four Continents Championship? I guess you made that decisionin order to get ready for World Championship this March, have you?
Anyway have a great time!

Jannet said...

Hey Patrick!

Fellow Canadian, and huge skating fan here. I really have enjoyed watching your progression as a figure skater from juniors up into seniors. You've done an amazing job. I love your consistency and just confidence in your training and technique. I'm sure Mr. Colsen is very proud of you. You've definitely done him justice as a protege.