Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hi everyone!
Well it has been quite a season so far with ups and downs. But I must tell you that so far I have had the most fun thus far after coming back from a great skate at the nationals and a great skate at the Four Continents in Vancouver. Four Continents was an eventful and great learning opportunity. Maybe some of you didn't know, but the Four Continents was an official testing event for the Olympic games in less then a year. It is required for each venue, of each sport, to hold an event as if it were the Olympic games. This means that all of the setup inside, (change rooms, where the media will be, etc.) was identical to what it will be in a year. It was awesome because I got a chance to get comfortable with how things were, during the whole week. I was actually uncomfortable at the beginning with how it was, but by the end it was great. I'm now in Toronto, and not in Florida. I've had to come back home because I had to finish my last year of school and finally graduate! So this also means I've applied to university and I am planning to start next year. But who knows, I might put it on hold since it is going to be a very important Olympic year. Anyways, I've been taking it easy since Four Continents so I can allow myself to come down before I build myself back up for the World Championships. I have a feeling this will be an awesome experience, especially since it is in L.A.
I wish all of you the very best and thanks for visiting my website!

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