Thursday, December 18, 2008


Well I'm sorry I haven't updated for a while, I've been quite busy travelling and when I come home I'm quite exhausted. Anyways, I arrived home in Toronto on monday and I have been here since. Well since I've got come back I've been busy with a few interviews to promote the upcoming Olympic games. It was long, but in the end it was definitely worth it since I had great people around me and it made it all very fun. Now I just came back from the Grand Prix Final in Seoul, Korea on monday and it was one of the longest trips I've taken. But I thankfully don't have anymore competitions overseas, since from the national championships onwards I'll only be travelling within North America. This also means I won't have to struggle with long flights as well as the big time difference from home. Even though I'm speaking of this, I actually didn't have much of a problem going to Korea and it had nothing to do with the way I skated. I unfortunately didn't have the best skate and there isn't anything I can blame it on. All I know is that we all have bad days and good days, I'm just glad it happened at this competition and not at the world championships. Or even at the Olympics! One thing I was happy about was that I kept fighting through the competition until the last moment of my program. And in the end, like a friend once told me, regret it and forget it. I already got what I wanted so far this season by winning both my international Grand Prix competitions. I look forward to the National Championships in Saskatoon since it's always a confidence and motivational booster for me. There are many more competitions to be won and I look forward to it! Wish you all the best and thanks for visiting my website.

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