Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Well I'm finally home in Toronto for a couple of days. I'm actually going to vancouver for the national camp then right back to Florida to begin preparing for the Skate Canada grand prix. I spent a total of 9 weeks in Florida over the summer, so I'm quite glad I finally came home. I actually also started school again. I'm doing two online courses for the first semester of the school (because that's the busiest time of the season), I will be then going back to school in Toronto for the second half of the school year. I have been seeing Lori Nichol (my choreographer) for the last couple of days to polish both my programs. We actually changed quite a few details, but all for the good. It's quite funny because I realize then when I start getting comfortable with the program, things have to be changed so I end up having to retrain the program. But I really don't mind at all because the changes really improve the program and make it much more exciting! Anyways, also while I was in Florida I was able to land a few quad toes in practice. Unfortunately they're not very consistent and neither are they landed everyday. In time the quad will come, so I'm not very worried. I mean, Rome wasn't built in a day! Luckily the consistency of both my triple axels in the program is getting higher and I'm getting quite comfortable with it. So I'm not too bummed out over the quad. Well, that is it! I think... I shall update you again as always. Wish you all the very best and thanks for visiting my website! Please continue to visit once in a while.

All the best,
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