Saturday, August 9, 2008


Well I'm into my second month in Florida and I've been back from
Liberty for a couple of weeks. I, unfortunately, didn't skate my best,
but it was still all worth while. I learned what I had to work on more
in my new programs. I finished third in the short program and first in
the long program. Finishing on the podium definitely made me feel much
better. Anyways my programs are now much better and much better
trained. Of course I've been regularly practicing the second triple
axel in the program and it's coming along very well. In fact I've been
able to land them in the program more and more often. I've also been
working on my quad toe regularly everyday, I try and push myself to do
at least 5 of them everyday. Some days it's closer then other days,
there a bit cheated but on one foot. I think as long as I keep doing
them everyday it will only be a matter of time. I haven't discussed
with Mr. Laws (my coach) about having it in my long program yet, I
think our main concern is to get the second triple axel as good as the
first. I hope I haven't disappointed anyone for being (once again)
slow on the update after Liberty. I hope you are all enjoying you're
summer as much as I am (without school!) All the best and thanks for
visiting my website :D