Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hi everyone!
Well I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a while, I was quite hung up in
exams. The competitive season had taken a lot of time away from my
school, so i had to catch up in work and prepare for exams. Finally
things have calmed down a little so now i can focus on training. I
left for Florida on friday the 4th of July. Both programs are ready
for training as well, Lori and I have spent some time polishing the
program. Of course, it's still a work in progress with probably
another polishing session with Lori when I come back from Florida. I
had also learned a few weeks ago which international grand prix's I
will be attending. I will be heading to Ottawa for Skate Canada and in
Paris for the third time for the Troph√© √Čric Bombard.
Once again I visited the elementary school that has "adopted me". The
school has done so much for me to help me along the way to the
Olympics. I also visited my first elementary school who surprised me by naming they're gymnasium under
my name. The kids also worked together to make a mosaic of me skating!
All i can say is that I was in complete shock. I was honored and told
them that such acts of gratitude help me work harder and motivate me
through those hard days at skating. So I was glad to have made the two
trips to the schools that day.
I will be training to prepare for the Liberty competition, mid July.
I'm a bit worried since I only have a little more then two weeks to
train both my new programs. But it is also good since it will push me
to work harder. I will most likely update you all after the
competition. Once again I'm sorry for making you wait for my update on
the blog. Take care and thank you for visiting my website!