Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hi everyone!

Well I hope everyone is having a great summer and enjoying the
weather, wherever you are! I would just like to let all of you know
that I have started to blog through a different application called
twitter! Now, first of all, I just want to say sorry to all those
who've been waiting patiently for my update. I am truly sorry, but I
welcome you to follow me on my twitter page (as some of you may know
already). You can join twitter, if you don't have an account, and
follow me. It's free to sign up and you are not obligated to tweet,
you can decide to only follow whomever you wish to follow. It's truly
amazing! So please continue to follow me, but on twitter :D I'd also
like to let everyone know that my new website will have a link to my
twitter page as well. It will be the same address as presently, except
it will have a "new look". Thanks for all of your continued support
and I hope you will continue to follow me!

Wishing you all the best,

Patrick Chan

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hi everyone!
Well I wanted to send a quick message to everyone after finally coming
home. I would like to say thank you to everyone who has been cheering
for me up until now and will continue to do so. I would like to give a
special thanks to all of the fans in Korea for sending me all of those
amazing gifts that I finally received at my home. So this is a quick
thanks to all my friends, family and fans for putting in the time in
watching me skate and cheering me on. I shall write very soon with
another update as to how my condition is. All the best and take care!


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hi everyone!
Well it has been quite a season so far with ups and downs. But I must tell you that so far I have had the most fun thus far after coming back from a great skate at the nationals and a great skate at the Four Continents in Vancouver. Four Continents was an eventful and great learning opportunity. Maybe some of you didn't know, but the Four Continents was an official testing event for the Olympic games in less then a year. It is required for each venue, of each sport, to hold an event as if it were the Olympic games. This means that all of the setup inside, (change rooms, where the media will be, etc.) was identical to what it will be in a year. It was awesome because I got a chance to get comfortable with how things were, during the whole week. I was actually uncomfortable at the beginning with how it was, but by the end it was great. I'm now in Toronto, and not in Florida. I've had to come back home because I had to finish my last year of school and finally graduate! So this also means I've applied to university and I am planning to start next year. But who knows, I might put it on hold since it is going to be a very important Olympic year. Anyways, I've been taking it easy since Four Continents so I can allow myself to come down before I build myself back up for the World Championships. I have a feeling this will be an awesome experience, especially since it is in L.A.
I wish all of you the very best and thanks for visiting my website!

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Thursday, December 18, 2008


Well I'm sorry I haven't updated for a while, I've been quite busy travelling and when I come home I'm quite exhausted. Anyways, I arrived home in Toronto on monday and I have been here since. Well since I've got come back I've been busy with a few interviews to promote the upcoming Olympic games. It was long, but in the end it was definitely worth it since I had great people around me and it made it all very fun. Now I just came back from the Grand Prix Final in Seoul, Korea on monday and it was one of the longest trips I've taken. But I thankfully don't have anymore competitions overseas, since from the national championships onwards I'll only be travelling within North America. This also means I won't have to struggle with long flights as well as the big time difference from home. Even though I'm speaking of this, I actually didn't have much of a problem going to Korea and it had nothing to do with the way I skated. I unfortunately didn't have the best skate and there isn't anything I can blame it on. All I know is that we all have bad days and good days, I'm just glad it happened at this competition and not at the world championships. Or even at the Olympics! One thing I was happy about was that I kept fighting through the competition until the last moment of my program. And in the end, like a friend once told me, regret it and forget it. I already got what I wanted so far this season by winning both my international Grand Prix competitions. I look forward to the National Championships in Saskatoon since it's always a confidence and motivational booster for me. There are many more competitions to be won and I look forward to it! Wish you all the best and thanks for visiting my website.

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Well I think my blog was due for an update and inform my friends on what is going on with me right now. Well today I left from Orlando to go to Toronto, and I have just arrived home after about a month of training in Florida. Skating has been quite uneventful and consistent which, in my opinion, is a good thing! I've been going through both my programs everyday, to keep my cardio in good shape. I also met with my trainer 3 times a week to strengthen more specific areas of my body. For the past month we had actually worked on a lot of balance exercises and I even worked in socks instead of shoes 90% of the time. My feet got quite sore but I really felt a difference on the ice, I had much more balance then I ever had. Anyways, I'm looking forward to Skate Canada and I'm quite excited as well to show everyone my new programs! Hope you will all be watching on TV and watching all of our canadian skaters!! All the best. Thanks for visiting my website :)

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Well I'm finally home in Toronto for a couple of days. I'm actually going to vancouver for the national camp then right back to Florida to begin preparing for the Skate Canada grand prix. I spent a total of 9 weeks in Florida over the summer, so I'm quite glad I finally came home. I actually also started school again. I'm doing two online courses for the first semester of the school (because that's the busiest time of the season), I will be then going back to school in Toronto for the second half of the school year. I have been seeing Lori Nichol (my choreographer) for the last couple of days to polish both my programs. We actually changed quite a few details, but all for the good. It's quite funny because I realize then when I start getting comfortable with the program, things have to be changed so I end up having to retrain the program. But I really don't mind at all because the changes really improve the program and make it much more exciting! Anyways, also while I was in Florida I was able to land a few quad toes in practice. Unfortunately they're not very consistent and neither are they landed everyday. In time the quad will come, so I'm not very worried. I mean, Rome wasn't built in a day! Luckily the consistency of both my triple axels in the program is getting higher and I'm getting quite comfortable with it. So I'm not too bummed out over the quad. Well, that is it! I think... I shall update you again as always. Wish you all the very best and thanks for visiting my website! Please continue to visit once in a while.

All the best,
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Saturday, August 9, 2008


Well I'm into my second month in Florida and I've been back from
Liberty for a couple of weeks. I, unfortunately, didn't skate my best,
but it was still all worth while. I learned what I had to work on more
in my new programs. I finished third in the short program and first in
the long program. Finishing on the podium definitely made me feel much
better. Anyways my programs are now much better and much better
trained. Of course I've been regularly practicing the second triple
axel in the program and it's coming along very well. In fact I've been
able to land them in the program more and more often. I've also been
working on my quad toe regularly everyday, I try and push myself to do
at least 5 of them everyday. Some days it's closer then other days,
there a bit cheated but on one foot. I think as long as I keep doing
them everyday it will only be a matter of time. I haven't discussed
with Mr. Laws (my coach) about having it in my long program yet, I
think our main concern is to get the second triple axel as good as the
first. I hope I haven't disappointed anyone for being (once again)
slow on the update after Liberty. I hope you are all enjoying you're
summer as much as I am (without school!) All the best and thanks for
visiting my website :D