Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hello everyone!

Well I have just begun resuming my training again a few days ago. It luckily wasn't too difficult, compared to other times.

I've been working quite a lot with Lori Nichol (my choreographer) making changes to both my programs. Not any big changes but quite important; in the short we've been working a few hours on just bringing out the emotion in the program, which will be very important once I get to worlds. In the long program we rearanged my elements and made some changes to my transitions in the program to make room for a second triple axel. I am planning to put in two triple axels at worlds, but we will give it a few weeks and make a final decision later. But another of my goals (other than to bring three men to next years world championships) is to land or at least attempt both triple axels in the long program at worlds.

Anyways I will talk to you all very soon! Take care everyone.


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Anonymous said...

Greetings from sunny California,
My name is Junnie Shim and I've been watching your performances lately and I think that you're a great figure skater. Seriously, you've made me love to watch competitions. It is an added bonus that you're quite handsome.

sarah l. said...

What an amazing performance at the nationals! Vancouver completely fell in love with you that evening. Good luck with your training and can't wait to see you skate at the worlds.

-your fan from Vancouver B.C., Sarah