Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hi everyone!

Well I thought it was time to update the blog and tell you all a little bit about myself. I've just returned from a show in Korea called "Festa on Ice" with Yuna-Kim. I really enjoyed the show very much and I wish to return to Korea very soon. The fans were phenomenal and, I believe, made all of the skaters job much easier when It came to performance. I've never experienced such great response from the crowd, it'll be quite hard to beat. The country itself was great, I thought. For some reason the country didn't feel foreign to me and I was quite comfortable. Though, maybe it was because I was only doing a show and not a competition.
My new programs are coming along quite well. The short program is just about finished, Lori and I only need to make some finishing touches. We haven't started the long program yet, but I very much look forward to starting it. I'm actually looking forward to the training of my programs, since I haven't done much "in season" training. So lately I feel a bit lazy, which is the main reason why I look forward to running threw both new programs as soon as possible.
Schools is almost finished, which means that I will be leaving for Florida, once again, for the summer. Don came down to Toronto before I left for Korea. He had come down for a seminar, that we attended together, in Burlington, Ontario. He didn't have time to look after me everyday since I had been working with Lori on the programs, but he still taught me a bit. I wasn't too concerned since I will be seeing him very soon in a few weeks. So I will speak to you all soon and once again thanks so much for visiting my website and supporting my dream! Take care and all the best.

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Jessie said...

You deserved the great reception because you were certainly amazing in all three shows. Thank you for the note, and I hope your training will go really well and also hope I can see you skate in the near future. Can't wait to see the new programs!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm a Korean and I was there!!
(I mean the FOI show.)
I'm so glad you enjoyed show and your stay in Korea.
Your performance was soooo energetic and simply great.
Thank you for coming to Korea and great performance!
Wish you the best.

ai-ling said...

I can see how you enjoyed the show from your message. I’m very glad to hear that.
I also enjoyed “Festa on Ice” very much. Your solo part was one of the greatest moments of the show. Calm, joyful and dynamic atmosphere of your performances were really pleasant to me. Patrick, you just made my day! Thank you for your wonderful performances! I was so happy to be there.
Hot summer is almost here, I hope you have a good time in Florida. Take care and make a nice start of the new season.


draw2001 said...

Thank you for updating!

The show which was held in Korea was awesome!
I saw you with my own eyes and it was so happy to see your new image!
Anyway I'm expecting your new program!!
I hope to see you again at the competition in Korea this Dec!

Good luck with your tranning!

lclchow said...

Looking forward to your next post from Florida, Patrick. Don't melt over there!

draw2001 said...

How is your training going?
Is your new program similiar to that of your last season's ?
I want to see your fantastic skating as soon as possible.

Good luck with your tranning!

grath said...

Hi,Patrick!I am sooo glad to see your everything's fine!!Don't worry about your quad,because i believe u can do it well!You must have made great progress,I am really looking forward seeing you again on the ice!!!Best wishes,and good luck !