Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hi everyone!
Well I wanted to send a quick message to everyone after finally coming
home. I would like to say thank you to everyone who has been cheering
for me up until now and will continue to do so. I would like to give a
special thanks to all of the fans in Korea for sending me all of those
amazing gifts that I finally received at my home. So this is a quick
thanks to all my friends, family and fans for putting in the time in
watching me skate and cheering me on. I shall write very soon with
another update as to how my condition is. All the best and take care!



vigiliae said...

An update from you, finally! Glad to hear you're back in Toronto. After reading articles and the orbituary I was really sorry for your situation; I hope you feel
much better now.
I want to thank you for showing such great performances throughout the whole season. Your improvements were phenomenal. Kudos to you and your team(esp. Mr. Loss and Ms. Nichol)!
I know the Korean fans had been really working hard on the gifts even though I did not participate in this time. It's really kind of you to leave them(and us) such a sweet message :)
Always waiting for your updates. Take a good rest and enjoy your days!

meteora said...

Hi, Patrick!

Thank you for your quick message.
We(Chantastics in Korea) are very happy. :D
I really enjoyed watching your performances in L.A.
Do you remember me??
I have been cheering you on everyday in Staples Center.
I took many pictures with you and
I have your autograph on the so many Chantastics-banners and my baseball-cap.
I am such a big fan of yours in Korea.

Congratulations on your silver medal!!!
You did a great job!
I am so happy for you!

See you Festa On Ice :)

Always be happy!

ji won said...

Hello, I'm one of Chantastics, as you know, your Korean fan club.
I'm really pleased to hear that you finally received them.
I was really fortunate, happy, and in full of joy while preparing them with other Chantastics.
I expected the gifts handed to you before your going to Worlds, though, you did such a great job in the Worlds anyway.
So I'm not leaving something to be desired, even though you recevied them little late.
Again, we are truly facinated with your Chantastic skating. :) For that reason, you are only the BEST! :)
It is our great fortune to be able to see your skating, truly, deeply.
Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!

I'll definitely go to Festa On Ice wrapping myself up in Chantastic towel! XD
All the Best, see you then!

Del said...
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Del said...

First, I'd like to offer my condolences to your grandfather. I believe he went to heaven with knowing your accomplishment at the Worlds.

Congratulation on your winning the silver medal!XD And Thank you so much for leaving this sweet message for us. It's such a great pleasure to hear that you finally received all the gifts, as one of Chantastic, myself. I felt great fortunate to participate as a part of them and enjoyed a lot. And now, I'm flying into raptures! :)

You deserved all the great success through this season. The happiest thing is you truly showed your joy while you're skating. You're in the moment and achieved where you wanted, I believe. :) I'm just thrilled to see more of you next time.

Keeping enjoying everything you do and Have lots of fun in Festa on Ice!!!!!! All Chantastic is waiting with eager to see you! XD I'll look forward to see your next message!

ai-ling said...

Glad to finally have your message and know you're back home safely ... welcome back, Patrick!
So, you have a great fan club and supporters? Sounds great! I want to join them, haha;)
Of course, wherever I am, wherever you are, I'll continue to cheer for you.
Again, congratulations on winning the silver medal! It was a really good fight! And thank you for your wonderful performances!
I'm looking forward to your next update, but take a good rest before anything else.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you're back at home now. I hope you enjoyed your stay in LA during Worlds. Congratulation on winning silver. Good luck next time! My friends and I will be cheering for you!(:

Also, hope you go to the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Your dream is definitely going to come true! I hope to meet you one day because I didn't stay long enough after the Worlds exhibition to get your autograph. Sadly. But I will soon!

Trshakespeare said...
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Trshakespeare said...

Hi Patrick,

I'd like to offer my condolences to your grandfather. I'm sorry to hear about that, but I'm sure he is really proud of you! ^^

Wow you really have some amazing fans ^^

It's been a while since I've been able to watch skating. And when I turned on the TV and saw you flying through the air like you were gliding on top of clouds. I was like "How could I have ever missed such a talented and gifted skater???"

Needless to say I'll be watching more skating ^^ lol

A figure skating friend of mine is also been bugging me. She's found some music that see thinks would be great for you to skate to and would like me to edit it so it'll be shorter. I don't know. Lol do you take suggestions?? By the way the music you chose is amazing I love listening to it!!!!

Any who I'm a fan from Alberta!!!!

It's amazing what you can do for your age and it makes me believe that I can do anything too, especially considering the industry that I want to try and get into. I'm going to take audio engineering in the fall ^^ Wish me luck? lol

My skater friend and I are hoping to see you if you are participating in the Olympics, that is if (I think) its spring break falls when you are competing. Hopefully it does because I’ve never seen skating live before. >.<

I am very proud of your silver medal!!! You did an amazing job although I still haven’t been able to see your entire short program  I’m always getting interrupted every time I try to watch. I’ll get to see it eventually I’m going to try again today ^^

Well just look at me blabber on. Jeepers I seem to be really good at >.<

Sorry for going on and on.

Anyhow thanks for being a great inspiration and example to follow.
I hope to see more of you in the future!!!
Keep on skating!!!

P.S. I'm glad to hear that you are back in Canada and sorry for deleting the earlier on I saw some spelling errors >.< and i just had to fix them!

-C. said...

Hey, I'm a big fan.

Nice to know you're doing well :).

Love Cathy.

Eun-young said...

Patrick, Hi~:)
I'm a member of Chantatic.:)
I'm so glad that you are so happy.
and I'm gonna see you at Festa on Ice.
See you then.

you are 2nd place at Worlds.
It is a your first podium at Worlds.
I'm a chantatic, you are fantastic.
Haha ~:)

sea said...

hello..... My name is Séverine.... Im figurskater from Czech Republic....
How are you????
Gratulacion...... Wow... Silver medal.....!!!!!

bobo said...

hello, patrick !
I'm your korean fan.


I love you!
(Sorry, I can't English well. but I want to tell it.)
So I studying about figure skating.
You are so wonderful skater to me.

one more time, I love you!!

卡子 said...

Congratulations to you!The World Championships of This years is wonderful!Especially you!!
It's very good to see you to return home.Happy time.You look after own~\(≧▽≦)/~
Hope you can come to China, we welcome you~~O(∩_∩)O~

kukka said...


It was so great performnces that you did in L.A.!! Congratulations to your success!!

I watched that on tv in Japan. Im going to see you at yoyogi stadium.I will wave maple flag there.this may be the last chance to see you before olympic game? if i can, i will go vancouver and cheer! well, i will see you at yoyogi soon

Sachiho said...

Dear Patrick,
First of all, I am greatly thankful that you just come such a long way. I've watched short program. It sometimes happens everything goes wrong. I figured you were just tired from the jet lag, aren't you? Besides, there were not enough cheering and clapping, I'm concerned about if you feel uncomfortable. Actually you are still less well known here, though, I really hope you just relax and enjoy long program. And hope you would find something fun off the ice.
Best wishes,

kukka said...

Hello again! I went watch you yesterday and I cheered on you and called your name loud and clear which I could do my best. Hope the voice was caught by you. If it was not, I am very sorry. (Actually I have never cheered like yesterday so I did not get used to. )

But I was really impressed to watch your skating not at the tv. I think you must be the star and I will keep cheering you. And I must to say that I love your rachmaninov so much.

matsuo said...

Hi Patrick!

I saw you at Yoyogi.
Thanks for coming all the way to Japan! I was hoping to see you live for a long time and it was such a pleasure to see you. I hope you've enjoyed your stay!

威勤勤 said...

Love your performance so much!!I am your big big fan from China, hehe~Keep going!!:)

ERINJ said...

Hello Patrick!
I am a Senior at Renfrew Colligiate Institute. You probably don't know where it is, but its and hour away from ottawa. Anyways, I am in an exercise science class and we have this project we are doing, where we have to pick an Athlete that is competing in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and do a bunch of questions on the athlete that we picked. I've seen your commercials on TV, and when we were assigned this project I instantly thought of you to do it on. I just wanted to send you a message to wish you luck in the Olympics and all the competitions you are doing to get ready for it.
All the best!
Erin :)