Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hi everyone!
Well it has been quite a season so far with ups and downs. But I must tell you that so far I have had the most fun thus far after coming back from a great skate at the nationals and a great skate at the Four Continents in Vancouver. Four Continents was an eventful and great learning opportunity. Maybe some of you didn't know, but the Four Continents was an official testing event for the Olympic games in less then a year. It is required for each venue, of each sport, to hold an event as if it were the Olympic games. This means that all of the setup inside, (change rooms, where the media will be, etc.) was identical to what it will be in a year. It was awesome because I got a chance to get comfortable with how things were, during the whole week. I was actually uncomfortable at the beginning with how it was, but by the end it was great. I'm now in Toronto, and not in Florida. I've had to come back home because I had to finish my last year of school and finally graduate! So this also means I've applied to university and I am planning to start next year. But who knows, I might put it on hold since it is going to be a very important Olympic year. Anyways, I've been taking it easy since Four Continents so I can allow myself to come down before I build myself back up for the World Championships. I have a feeling this will be an awesome experience, especially since it is in L.A.
I wish all of you the very best and thanks for visiting my website!

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this_is_wendy said...

thank you very much for posting your blog. It makes my day. :)


vigiliae said...

Patrick, I really enjoyed all of your performance at both competitions. You did a great job in there!
It's glad to hear that you decided to study more; so you seems to have got accepted to some universities already, right?
I wish you good luck for the World Championships. Is there any reason of you feeling L.A. special?

Have a nice day and please stay healthy throughout the remaining season!

Dear Patrick's fans//
I made a fansite of Patrick. Please enjoy:-)

meteora said...

I leave this comment on your post for the first time.
Congrats on your winning medals at Four Continents and Canadian nationals.
I love your fantastic skating skills!

I hope do your best performance at World Championships I will be cheering you on.
I'm looking forward to seeing your performance in L.A. :D

Always be happy!

Eun-young said...

I'm looking forward to reading your new message.
So, I'm so happy to see your posting.
A few weeks ago, you did fantastic performance at 4CC.
I was totally blown away by your triple axel.
I think you are really,really great skater.
I'm sorry that I'm not good at English.
But, I think you can understand me.
I love you~ GO GO Patrick!! :)

ai-ling said...

Congratulations on winning the title of national and international championships! I was really really happy to see your BIG SMILE on the top of the podium. You had really strong performance.

Please stay healthy and enjoy yourself at the world championships. Of course, enjoy your daily life!

Go Patrick!


The one and only said...

Hi Patrick,

You did such a great job at Four Continents!!! Congrats!! :-) I enjoyed watching your performances very much. I hope that you'll be able to give your best at Worlds. I'll be cheering for you.


Sachiho said...

Congratulations on winning at both Canadian nationals and Four continents! I enjoyed your performance on YouTube. I also found McDonald's O Canada ad on there. Yes. You'll be there! But before that, the World Championships' here.
We my sisters, friends and other Pchan fans are waving hands and cheering for you...not only Kozuka from my country.
I wish you good luck, clean performance, then kick up your heels in L.A:-)

draqq said...

Congratulations for winning Four Continents! I hope that gives you some amount of comfort going into the Olympics, at least in terms of the venue.

It also seems like you've gotten that triple axel technique down a lot better than it was before. Nice to see all those +2 GOEs, ya?

Here's to two clean programs at Worlds in LA. I'll be rooting for you!

matsuo said...

Hello Patrick,
Thanks for update!
It's always very apprecieating to know how you're doing.

Just for curiosity, what's your favorite word in French, English, and Cantonese?


andrewmconenleh said...

Yo Patrick, get a better website. I know with all those gold medals you don't deserve it, but you know treat yourself. Proud of you bud, give me a shout after you have won worlds!

洁 杜 said...
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卡子 said...
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卡子 said...
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卡子 said...

Hi~introduces myself
I come from China,I am your fan:)

It's the first time to come here and write down something to you.

Very happy to be able to find your blog and now I know some of you information from it.Thank God!

Ok,I am very nervous because my English is not very good.

Wish you the best .Loving you!

卡子 said...

Four Continents was wonderful!
wish you get a good score in coming World Championship!
Good luck~ o(∩_∩)o

James said...

Hi, Patrick...

My friend and I are watching you on TV at the Worlds...

We're both television presenters and we think you're awesome (and she thinks you're adorable looking!)

By the way, when you were waiting for your marks, did we hear you say that you wanted to LIVE in L.A.?! :-)


Sachiho said...

Hello Patrick!
You did fantastic job in free skate.
Spins were very impressive. Speed perfect. Footwork was brilliant. Jumps.. .well, I chuckled when I saw your smile after second triple axel.
Relax, take breath. Good luck on your homeworks!

deseness said...

You'are amazing !
we love you

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan from LA. I loved seeing your performance in the short and free program. I actually went to the exhibition to see it live. I'm really happy that you got silver and you're just 18. You're going to get the gold soon!

I hope to meet you someday. I'm Cantonese too. Good luck with everything.<3 Don't your absolutely LOVE LA? I'm from LA and I'm a freshman at the University of Southern California. (:

alcoholism said...

Eventually, you did a clean performance on exhibition! :D
Every chantastic's happy with that, you didn't fall or kick the board!
Congratulations on your good season-ending. You did really great in 4CC and world championships as well.
It's getting warm after world championships, but we're already expecting a cold season.
Good days in high school, and see you soon. :)

vigiliae said...

First of all, my condolences to you and your family. I read the article today and extremely surprised. I'm sure that your grandfather was really pleased when he heard you had skated well.

You did a great job at the Worlds. I was really impressed that you could do such wonderful performances, especially under the huge pressure. Your FS performance was one of the best of the week. Extremely lyrical, beautiful movements and choreograpy combined with the highest quality techniques.. It is a pity that I cannot see those programs any more(maybe not..?), but I'm also eager to see your new programs.

Take enough rest, enjoy your ordinary days and good luck with your essays! :)

ai-ling said...

Hi Patrick,

First, I also read an article about your grandfather. My condolences to you and your family. Stay strong!

I watched World Championships on
TV with a pounding heart. I just wanna say congratulations to you! You left a deep impression on my mind. I love the way you play Rachmaninov on the ice.

Have a good rest, refresh yourself and enjoy your ordinary life as a teenager!