Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hi everyone!

Well I have just landed in Toronto from my trip to worlds in Sweden. Quite exhausted from the trip since it was a very long competition; I arrived on a friday and didn't compete until the following friday.
I have to say that the whole competition was very successful for Canada. One silver medal, one bronze and one gold! I was very happy for the whole team and we were a great team. At the closing banquet the ISU officials announced and congratulated skate canada because we were the team with the most success during the week! So I felt very proud and happy that I had the privilege to be part of such a great year and team.
I was very happy with my overall performance, though there are things that I wish I had done better. I was pleased with the way my short program went since I had to skate after Brian Joubert, which isn't always easy. As for my long, I made mistakes that really weren't necessary. So I was a bit more disappointed with the long program. I doubled my triple lutz, which is usually no problem for me when practicing the program. I fell on my second triple axel, which I told you about before I left for sweden. Finally I added a double toe to my triple salchow, which wasn't planned, and so that meant I added another combination. My second triple axel was still counted as a combination, even though I fell. Because I added the fourth combination, the jumps didn't count at all (triple salchow double toe). All in all I was still pleased with myself, and like I said before, these world championships were just a learning experience for the future.
I will be doing a few local shows right now, so I will be back at skating in a day or two. I will keep all of you informed in a few weeks, with shows that I will be doing and any new programs that I will be getting! It is likely that I will be getting a new long program, though I don't know what music yet. But Lori will once again choreographe the program. Anyways take good care of yourselves and thank you for visiting my website!

Patrick Chan
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