Friday, October 31, 2008

Well I think my blog was due for an update and inform my friends on what is going on with me right now. Well today I left from Orlando to go to Toronto, and I have just arrived home after about a month of training in Florida. Skating has been quite uneventful and consistent which, in my opinion, is a good thing! I've been going through both my programs everyday, to keep my cardio in good shape. I also met with my trainer 3 times a week to strengthen more specific areas of my body. For the past month we had actually worked on a lot of balance exercises and I even worked in socks instead of shoes 90% of the time. My feet got quite sore but I really felt a difference on the ice, I had much more balance then I ever had. Anyways, I'm looking forward to Skate Canada and I'm quite excited as well to show everyone my new programs! Hope you will all be watching on TV and watching all of our canadian skaters!! All the best. Thanks for visiting my website :)

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ai-ling said...


Wow, mens event has already started! Hope you’ll enjoy the atmosphere of your home. I’m really looking forward to seeing you skating. Good luck, Patrick!


grath said...

wow,Patrick,u did soooooo perfectly on your SP,i even burst into tears after seeing your really made a big progress,and i;m looking forward to seeing your big win in SKATE CANADA!!!! fighting!!!!!

draw2001 said...
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draw2001 said...
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draw2001 said...

Please come to Korea.
I need to see your competition with my own eyes! Cheer Up! :D

Jessie said...

Man, that was incredibly good! Despte some mistakes, that was magnificent. You've got two gorgeous programs this year(Kudos to Lori Nicole!) and you just had a great start for the season. I know you can do better and deserve it next time! Congrats, Patrick!!

lclchow said...

Congrats on grabbing gold, Patrick! And if my fellow fans want to watch a video of Patrick doing some flexibility core training, click here.

draw2001 said...

Patrick, Congratuations!
Your performance was very fantastic(Very Smooth)! :D
You are the best!!

Jessie said...

Just saw your exhibition performance at Paris, and seriously, they really need to get you a much bigger rink! LOL Congrats for defending your title there. Great job. You definitely deserve it.

wayne said...

You really did Canadian proud. Look forward to seeing your performance in Vancouver in 2010. Best luck!

Ryan said...

I'm a Chinese student of Tsinghua University in China majoring in clinical medicine.Congratulations on your results in the Grand Prix.Best wishes for the perfomance in GPF,World championships and Olympic Games in Vancouver.Good luck!

vigiliae said...

Finally You have arrived at Korea! (I saw you interviewing at the airport on TV.)
Both of your programs were really fantastic(especially in TEB), and I'm eager to watch you skate this weekend.

I wish you best luck in your GPF. GO PATRICK!!

draqq said...

Fantastic job this season so far. You are the only male skater to get 2 GP Golds. Can you believe it?!

I hope you're having a great time in Goyang City. The crowd is going to be fantastic, so put on an amazing show. :)

And if you read this (*fingers crossed*), I would like to suggest some possible (short program) music in the future. It's a piano scherzo that has movement, dynamics, and makes me wish I could play it, called "Cohen's Masterpiece" - which you can listen to here:

Somehow, it makes me think of you as a skater - the stroking and classical depth - and it's about 2:50 long unedited.

Good luck with the GPF and make sure you have some Korean BBQ while you're there!

alcoholism said...

Your programs of this season are absolutely impressive.. Watching your short program on Trophée Eric Bompard through internet live, I couldn't chat with others anymore, I was absorbed in it as whole. I stored your performances and often replay them on Ipod, and definitely I'll be never cheesed off by them.
Your skating's beautiful, and the most enjoyable for me.
Maybe you're not satisfied with your performances on GPF, but I'm sure your programs are gonna be stable and precious one for many fs fans.
I feel somewhat awkward at leaving a comment like this to an skater first time, but I wanna say thank you for your skating. :)